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tv   Panel Discussion on the 2016 Election  CSPAN  December 6, 2015 1:28am-2:29am EST

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target so it comes about that place. >> it can. it doesn't have to. is comprised of the people. hopefully that won't happen but it is a danger. but i hear the concern. >> thank you.
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[inaudible conversations] [applause]
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>> welcome to the 14 d annual vegas valley book festival also the producing partners to produce the funding for us celebration of the of written and spoken and illustrated a word. i would like to think though litter a committee chaired by jeff schumacher to date
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and though logistics' committee writer's block volunteers plan the political columnist for the new journal. to my right to the staff writer for the atlantic. the first national political reporter. she also worked at the las vegas son of as a previous guest on national television programs like "face the nation" come of "meet the press" and fox news. [laughter] she has been every rare.
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-- where. [applause] >> to the left is chief political commentator ph.d. in history yen spiry a documentary of an inconvenience ruth. with the response to al gore is not in the original of the two volume biography with the fall of the old liberal order he is also written books of leadership "the national review" "wall
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street journal" so welcome. >> at the very end is dr. green an associate professor at u.n.l.v. ph.d. from columbia, author of three books of u.s. civil war is most recent published the scheerer -- this year ended is on sale here. [laughter] he writes a column on politics also some of the segments on 89.5 and teaches honors courses slavery
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emancipation and civil rights. [applause] we're in here to talk about issues still matter in politics there is a question if they ever mattered. [laughter] but a good place to start is to see the line between politics and entertainment come closer and closer ever since the first televised election. perhaps they have finally intersected with donald trump were we have a person who is a current entertainer running for president and is the republican front runner if the polls are to believed. the shows taking issue oriented positions like
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these link the papers and others have on there website to 25-point plan he has a plan for it. the trouble is done the opposite. have reached a place we will see a quantum security that swallows the years because donald trump is running? >> yes. [laughter] >> now there were done other in the audience questions? >> if you go back to the 19th century, politics was entertainment a politician was expected to know how to entertain.
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with the lincoln and douglas debate was three hours. there is a fight right now of the debate can last that long with no moderator you would think he would say i would run not one but no. our attention span has changed as part of it. so the politicians in the 19th and 20th century had to know how to be entertaining but we changed in the process they said they're too great actors and american anti-war the of there one. >> but these days there are too many issues. merely there is a dominant issue period election cycle that has been changing with the republican side with
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trumpets and person in fear read the cover most of their preferences but none of them have held office before. i think the dominant factor that outsider candidate usually wins they can run against washington even obama did to a certain extent but it was that he was not part of the washington mess. suddenly this year people say we're not even satisfied with the outsiders so perry is out. we was somebody so far outside they have not even held the office is the inflection point.
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we have never collected a person who has never held office. except generals like eisenhower but that is a pretty serious qualification. the only one nominated was in 1940 so it is not impossible they could repeat that phenomenon. >> there is no reason why shouldn't be entertaining. part of the reason it is regarded as the jury civic duty because we treat it that way that it should be boring and you do it because you have to buy think politics should be interesting it is a great story this is a great narrative and a drama of the cast of characters sought
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another problem to -- a problem with being entertaining for their leaders to enliven their lives. y'all tried to kill the minutes before we die. [laughter] >> this is a depressing panel. [laughter] and also the issues what he has done has pointed out the division's very well known for its position on immigration but entitlements to not cut social security to be against free trade so they are opposed to this official republican establishment position that
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is pro immigration reform they want that in there for free trade those aren't popular positions you have the republican base saying that's not who we want to represent us to another point of view. >> but on the riverside of the political aisle you have a figure with bernie sanders who tells us he wants to talk nothing but the ship -- issues not hillary's emails, not his hair specifically nothing but the issues and how the income
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gap is wider that is not just and unsustainable. by doing bad he is incredibly entertaining he entertained the crowd at liberty university those letters socialist. [laughter] to go to a christian university to be entertaining. but he held their attention and even though some applause. but think that is proof it is entertaining and he found a way of trying to be substantive. >> is under for a certain type of extremism as people are tired of the governing consensus which regulates
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the to tell people what they want to hear and we have people that say no go far out to hear a set of solutions that are not pull tested or safe we want to go all the way to socialized medicine and government run college everything that bernie sanders is offering. id think that is part of it. is the passionate politician and to give a sense of urgency in the sense of crisis. people feel there is a sense of anger politicians see comfortable and happy and will be fine no matter what happens there want someone to feel this is a crisis and we have to burn the whole system down if necessary to
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solve it. >> what you think of him as the anti-trump b-shares a lot of characteristics with him. >> and l find him entertaining but i do think he is authentic to talk about his record or experience the missing link is what i call him you have good judgment than why do you cast this terrible put? and he was incoherent he always talks to his position on the issue but to add the analytical point conviction politicians usually don't make it across the finish line unless they bridge the gap which was a success with
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reagan and it works with both parties it didn't have the skill. >> looked as sanders he is the outsider is spending congress 25 years at the same time he is an outsider within congress and vermont is different. you don't succeed in politics without getting elected to be in a position of policy. several people have said to me when they hear bernie sanders and turn their backs they think it is larry david [laughter] anybody else?
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[laughter] it is entertaining to see this older guy with hair flying in all direction he looks like a professor there is something entertaining about it. >>. >> but that debate what pundits say clinton won the debate bernie sanders was exposed as a politician after all. you have a product made by big corporations and bernie sanders normally would be repelled by big corporations to yet in this case.
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>> host: the calls for a consensus or a conciliatory approach that all have to get together to come up with a solution we shouldn't shout at each other. if it was a financial service? so all of a sudden we found a fault line with bernie sanders. >> i think it is with everybody. years ago with senator from georgia was from coca-cola you have to represent the home folks and that is part of the problem will u.s. senator from member of congress casting those - - boat on major national
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issues that can come back to bite you as with bernie sanders or any other senator. >> that was an interesting moment but the format of these debates is getting beyond the platitudes but that is the dynamic they should try to recreate. >> i thought it was a bad moment for bernie sanders because he was making the claims in the argument to leave people where they are rather than convince them of their opposition and has
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spoken to him he is a perfect answer for everything. it does not bear part of the corporate media then as soon as they get the truth the was very clear the only argument for his position it was politically popular and forbidden to be the one to save the half to take positions that make us electable is very interesting so i think so many will just ignore the evidence. >> we be for the first time as it is saying all these other issues to say wait now he talks in terms we have never heard him talk any
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other issue ever since the campaign began. >> that did not come up either night. >> that's true. because of your knowledge of ronald reagan we hear he has been adopted by though left in the right people say he could never get elected today or survive the republican primaries. if that is true path will look like if of reagan was running today? has zero is the couldn't win but those mike mccain or near romney? he was an extremely skillful politician he would adapt
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just fine if they say i a reagan republican i can see no evidence of the effective rates of skills just to say that you are one does not make you one. settled besmirch his name that way. >> you're right they have nominated the moderates in recent years. conservatives were complaining as soon as they were elected. to attack him not to be conservative enough. but amnesty and taxes reagan will give different reception today. >> the lincoln read the
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speech after feeding off of jackson's car is forever. [laughter] i used to say if you say the name ronald reagan you could tell who the republicans are reviews a franklin roosevelt and democrats get that lucky and it is common. [laughter] that is why he was reagan's favorite politician. >> i guess who will see somebody running with reagan because he did have that you need set of skills idle think we have seen since even with barack obama who can give a really good speech. but don't think even he
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would measure up. >> think obama getting in trouble with his base in 2008 he set alight to be a transformative president like ronald reagan he didn't mean that would follow the same policy but to be transferred to give as reagan was. >> that was an interview in reno that he said that copper co he also meant to reset the political center to the left in the way reagan reset it to the right even democrats have felt they have had to say big government is bad there was vehemence persuasive the fact that he had he indoctrinated a whole generation he won the youth
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vote the obama is the first to win by a larger margin than ronald reagan and they kept voting republican for the rest of their lives so the hope of the current generation is all those young people will have that same experience the also people are less tied to a political party now than they used to be with institutional loyalty to that label may be falling apart a little bit. >> hall ruthlessly accurate that comment was in a way of nixon in clinton and was hotly contested that is so
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wonderful smacked known but then read his books he is very harsh on clinton that made sense because he understood liberalism you can see what happened when he went too far those first couple years of probation is over. so that comment was very brutal but a deeper seriousness that i admire even though i don't like kim >> but conservatives who believe he evatt's accomplished the most your fundamental to restoration of america but we will say he is a disappointment and didn't get much done he has
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managed to let down everyone [laughter] >> so which is it? has he done this transported thing or not accomplished enough? how will history judge? >> ion stowe with lincoln in the 19th century. [laughter] there is no story about kissinger but kissinger doesn't say what you think of the french revolution? i still think it is 1789 but
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it takes a long time to unfold if you look a certain policies to make an immediate determination to see an impact but it is harder to take the whole presidency to say did he transformed it? i don't think it is his fault to transform the opposite way he intended. we have become far more regimented. >> my opinion obamacare will not survive in its current form so that is in during. but what has thus conservatives were debt issues of concern it --
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executive power the he has been the most successful in spite of pullback. with recess appointments and another case that didn't get a lot of attention and now with liberal justices you're pushing the envelope. that cover planner the immigration plan to be very bold. in moving more and more by the executive branch that is this something that works with the campaign. >> to say we will use the
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executive power and we will be better off one side to that. we will though the outer boundaries so clearly a need to use executive power. then yes we need to know the boundaries. >> i remember when they were the rampaging executive so none of this is entirely new and rebuilt as if it were congress to implement the agenda single-handed the we have a false expectation is gyrfalcon america you voted for democratic president and
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republican congress and this is what happens people are like what is wrong with obama? that must be him. talking up residence based on the issues it is the national figurehead to give my speeches to conduct policy but that is the only power that he has. >> that is an excellent point* that we except politicians who lie to us because they promise things that they go where we would know they cannot possibly do politicians or bernie sanders can say i will make college tuition free nobody pays to go to public or community college he runs on
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that but those who are available to that's except that. but we although he can do it without legislation from congress. . .
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